Last year, Dak Prescott (Former Haughton High Buc, by the way) set the NFL on fire last year when took over the starting QB spot with the Cowboys. Dak impressed everyone with his decision making ability, arm and poise. He was so impressive that former Cowboy star QB Tony Romo road the bench to retirement.

But, with all that said...despite performing at the most elite level, Dak is earning the salary of a 2nd or 3rd string Jets QB. It's kind of crazy that 3,667 yards and 23 touchdowns only gets you 540k.

In fact, the numbers are so mind numbing, ESPN created the Dakulator which shows how long all other starting QBs in the NFL have to work to make Dak's yearly salary.

Here are some of the highlights:

Matt Stafford - 10 minutes of game time

Andrew Luck - 19 minutes of game time

Mike Glennon - 32 minutes of game time

Josh McCown - 80 minutes of game time

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