With the fourth overall pick in the NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys took Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott.

Right away, comparisons to the Cowboys legendary teams of the 90s, likening Tony Romo to Troy Aikman, Dez Bryant to Michael Irving, and now Ezekiel Elliott to Emmitt Smith. That's a pretty big jump here, but it's actually pretty exciting to see the highlights and start to dream.

Whether or not you buy into the Big 3 comparisons, the Cowboys did add talent, but was it in the right spot? The team still has Darren McFadden on the roster, and they have already added Alfred Morris this off-season. If the defense struggles at any point this year, you know someone will point out that they had a shot at Jalen Ramsey from Florida State in this slot, but they passed on him.

With Joey Bosa going off the board one pick before them (to the Chargers), it made this pick a little bit easier, but you know the temptation had to be there to take Ramsey. Though the video from the Cowboys War Room makes the Jones family look REALLY happy to get Elliott, so maybe this is what they wanted all along, and they just played their cards very well.

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