Geeks in the Ark-La-Tex have been able to enjoy Geek'd Con, Shreveport's comic con, for the last 5 years. Many geeks have caught the comic con bug now, and are looking to expand their convention experiences. If you find yourself in that position, might we suggest a road trip to Huntsville, Alabama?

Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo
Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo

The guest lineup in Huntsville is already super impressive, with comic book legend Chris Claremont, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall, Star Trek stars Gates McFadden & Marina Sirtis, and from the MCU Sean Gunn. But in addition to all of the great guests from sci-fi and pro wrestling, they're going to have another giant comic book legend at the show!

This weekend Huntsville Comic & Pop Culture Expo announce comic book artist Jim Starlin will be joining the part this April.

Starlin is responsible for the creation of some of the most legendary comic book characters ever. Including Thanos, Drax The Destroyer, Gamora, Shang-Chi, and more.

Add that to Chris Claremont's creations of Gambit, Cable, Alpha Flight, Jubilee, Lady Deathstrike, Emma Frost, Mystique, Sabretooth, and way more.

Having those two icons in one room is going to be WELL WORTH the drive to Huntsville!

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