If you look at the picture to the left. There are three instances where Alabama offensive linemen are engaged with LSU defenders. Do you see any holding going on? To a lot of college football observers it appears as if each Alabama player could have been flagged. No penalty was called and the play resulted in the only Alabama touchdown of the night.

Coach Ed Orgeron and the LSU Tigers are looking for some answers. It's not a case of sour grapes. It's more a case of what was up with the officials on Saturday night? There were several calls that left the LSU coaching staff, players, and of course the fans scratching their heads.

Coach "O" mentioned in his weekly press conference yesterday that the Tigers had sent several plays to the SEC office for clarification. Among the  plays are a sideline incident that involved Alabama defensive end Jonathan Allen and LSU tight end Colin Jeter. There was a scuffle after the play was blown dead.

It was called what it was called. We sent some stuff in and we're going to get an interpretation. I'll let the league office let me know what their interpretation is and I'll just follow that.

Orgeron's comments were reported in a story by NOLA.com writer Andrew Lopez.

Another questionable call or "no call" in this case was on the play in which Alabama Quarterback Jalen Hurts scored the game's only touchdown. To many who were watching and those who have scrutinized the replay there were several Tiger defenders that were being held.

The refs didn't call it, so you just have to play through the down.They only got one play and that was that play on me. And I mean, everybody saw it so, I really can't say much about that.

That's what LSU defensive end Lewis Neal had to say immediately after the Alabama game. There was also a play that involved a late hit call at a critical time in the game.

Coach Orgeron didn't say what plays had been sent to the SEC office for review and explanation. He did reiterate several times that whatever the league says in regards to the inquiry he will accept and move forward.

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