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Netflix has another massive hit on their hands, and again its a show based on a comic book. But this time, it's not Marvel Comics...or DC comics...or from any comic company that most people have ever heard of.

The comic book Sweet Tooth was published on the Vertigo imprint back in 2009. Now, Veritgo Comics is actually part of the DC Comics company, but how many people actually know Vertigo Comics? Anyway...the original comic run went from September of 2009 to November of 2012. That story is what has now been turned into one of the biggest Netflix shows of 2021. Here's a look at the show...

Inside the show there is a lot of exploration of Gus, also known as Sweet Tooth, and his traveling companion Tommy Jepperd. In the story, Jeppard ends up acting as Sweet Tooth's protector (no spoilers) on a journey. But the story in the comics is pretty different than what we're given on Netflix.

In the comic, Jepperd is a former NHL player who played for the Minnesota Wild. He was a player known for his violence in the comic books. But the sport change is one of many they've made to the character for the show.

When it comes to the hockey-playing version of Jepperd in the comics, he's drawn as a white man. But in the live action Netflix version, Jepperd is played by black British actor Nonso Anozie. His sports has also changed from hockey to football...

Courtesy of Sweet Tooth on Netflix
Courtesy of Sweet Tooth on Netflix

In this shot of the show, you can see some unrelated (but super important) characters with a football game on his the background. The player featured there is Jepperd...but lets look closer...

Courtesy of Sweet Tooth on Netflix
Courtesy of Sweet Tooth on Netflix

The shot of Jepperd in the game shows that he played at LSU!

Now, he's wearing jersey that looks like it says "Guardians" on it, which probably indicates that he's now a pro athlete, and that the show (or Netflix) couldn't get the rights to an NFL team. However it sure does look like LSU was willing to jump in. Or somehow this slipped through.

But no matter how it came to be, LSU is officially in a comic book universe on Netflix.

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