LSU freshman defensive tackle Trey Lealaimatafao  suffered a serious arm injury when he punched through a glass window in the Tigers weight room Monday.  According to the Times-Picayune, Lealaimatafao injury was horrific as the glass “tore through” the bicep all the way to the bone.  The Morning Advocate reports the injury will likely require surgery but is not career threatening although it could lead to a redshirt this year.

The reason behind the punch through the glass remains cloudy.  The Times-Picayune reports Lealaimatafao was upset with his girlfriend while the Advocate reports the incident followed a dispute with another player.

The Advocate's report cites two sources indicating the injury occurred after a dispute with a teammate.  If Lealaimatafao threw his fist through a glass window after a dust-up with a teammate, that's the kind of information that probably needed to stay in the weight room.

Les Miles concern, first and foremost, is obviously for the well-being of Lealaimatafao and to keep the young man's family informed.  At some point, if the Advocate report is accurate, The Hat may choose to address the philosophy that teams have adhered to for years: "What happens in the locker room, stays in the locker room (outside of a Miami Dolphins-type situation)."

Weight rooms are cramped quarters, even at LSU.  Things will be said, patience will be tested and arguments will occur.  It's all part of the team-bonding routine that takes place in high schools, colleges and NFL weight rooms around the country.  The public and the media don't necessarily hear about altercations because most players grasp the sanctity of a locker room/weight room.

If there's a transgression or situation that needs reported, i.e., Grambling's wretched weight room last year, then by all means: tell someone.  Testiness between two teammates? Perhaps that's best left behind closed doors.

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