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Well, everyone watching the LSU National Championship post-game celebrations knew there could be problems. When cameras caught former LSU Tiger football star Odell Beckham, Jr handing out money to players still in their LSU uniforms, Twitter and other social media outlets exploded with reactions. Many realized that paying players, at any point in their college career, is an NCAA violation.

Now, according to ESPN and Sports Illustrated, that's all coming true. 

As soon as LSU officials saw what was going on, they proactively started working with the NCAA. A statement obtained by ESPN includes those details. LSU Senior Associate Athletic Director Robert Munson said in the statement:

"LSU has worked proactively and in cooperation with the NCAA to identify and self-report any violations that occurred within our football program. We believe these self-imposed penalties are appropriate and we will continue to coordinate and cooperate with the NCAA on this matter."

That's right, self-imposed penalties. LSU didn't even wait for the NCAA to drop a punishment, they knew that the actions of Beckham were such blatant violations that they put punishments on their own program. Which also included penalties that involve Beckham.

For the next two years, Beckham will be banned from all LSU facilities.

According to ESPN, the Beckham ordeal is just a small part of an overall NCAA investigation into LSU. An investigation that has been going on for about 3 years now.


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