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While I know LSU making it to the College Football Playoffs is a long shot, a girl can dream, right? However, what I do know is, that the first step to LSU becoming a top-four team is by beating Texas A&M soundly on their home turf this Saturday! After all, we never thought we'd win the SEC West and LSU is already a lock for facing off against Georgia in the SEC Championship game Saturday, December 3rd at 3 pm on CBS. Sure, Georgia is favored by 15 right now, but if you'll remember, LSU was the underdog going into pretty much every game this season and now look where they are.

Speaking of odds, LSU is the 10-point favorite heading into College Station Saturday (game time 6 pm on ESPN), but we're going to need more than a win over the Aggies to make it to the College Football Playoffs. We're going to need another big upset like what happened to Tennessee this past weekend to happen to pretty much every team in the top four and even then, we're not a shoe-in, but fingers crossed. Here are the games we'll be watching and hoping for upsets in.

#1 Georgia vs. Georgia Tech at 11 am on ESPN
#2 Ohio State vs. #3 Michigan at 11 am on Fox
#3 Michigan vs. #2 Ohio State at 11 am on Fox
#4 TCU vs. Iowa State at 3 pm on Fox
And, of course, because we don't want anyone in front of us doing too well...
#5 Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt at 6:30 pm on SEC Network

Of course, the new College Football Rankings aren't out yet for this week, so LSU may have seen some movement. Fingers crossed! Meanwhile, let's take things one step at a time and concentrate on the Aggies this weekend!

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