Earlier this month, former John Curtis star Willie Allen announced on Twitter that he was leaving the LSU Football program and reopening his recruiting.

After that, Allen started posting pictures from various recruiting trips across the country. From Baylor to UCLA, Allen is clearly a hot commodity for major programs across the country. But it sounds like his decision may have already been made before the process even started. First, here's the latest development from the Louisiana Radio Network (then we'll get into the online rumors):

"LSU reportedly blocked tackle Willie Allen from transferring to TCU. The Advocate reports a member of TCU’s staff convinced Allen to transfer to the Horned Frogs."

That last line there, about a TCU staff member contacting Allen to convince him to transfer...that's where the problems start, at least according to online rumor and innuendo. There are some reports circulating that the contact from TCU actually happened while Allen was still a full blown member of the LSU program. Meaning it was illegal tampering and potential NCAA violation, which is why LSU blocked the move.

Again, that's a lot of rumor-type stuff, but like they always say, where there's smoke, there's fire.

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