Didn't we all learn what the number 911 was used for when we were like four years old?

Can I ask you a question? What is the number 911 used for? I think we need to refresh our memory here. 911 is used in emergency situations... only. You don't call 911 because someone fouled you a little too hard in a pickup basketball game. You don't call 911 when the pizza delivered to your home has the wrong toppings. And, in this case, you don't call 911 to check on your arrest warrants.

Lord bless our emergency personnel and dispatchers.

According to WGNO in Metairie, Louisiana, Christian Palacios called the emergency line to ask if there were any active warrants out for his arrest. This is not the proper channel to inquire about that information and he was promptly arrested for his actions. When authorities arrived at his home, he admitted that he knew he shouldn't have called 911.

He was given a misdemeanor summons and will either have to pay $500 or spent 30 days in jail.

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