911 is an important number to know and an important service to make your kids aware of. The dispatchers who work for 911 are really good at what they do. One of the most amazing attributes they have is the ability to stay calm and cool in the tensest situations. Unless of course, they get calls from idiots like these people.

  • Carlo Allegri/Getty Images
    Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

    Lady Blue Legs

    A 911 dispatcher reported a call in which the female on the other end of the phone was becoming hysterical about a possible medical emergency. She told the dispatcher that her legs were turning blue and she was very concerned there was a problem with her circulation. It turns out she had just worn some brand new blue jeans and the dye from the material had faded onto her legs.

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    Dressing Outrage

    A woman called a 911 operator from a restaurant to report a crime in progress. What was the incident? Was it a robbery? Was someone dining and dashing? Nope, the restaurant was going to up charge her .50 cents for additional Ranch Dressing. That was it. Obviously, she disagreed with the restaurant's policy on extra Ranch.

  • aijohn784, ThinkStock
    aijohn784, ThinkStock

    Looking For Love

    Lorna Dudash was involved in an incident in which police were involved. That was not the reason she placed a call to the 911 dispatch office. Her reason for calling 911 was to find out more about the officer who was working the incident. She said he was really cute and she wanted to contact him.

  • Pixland, ThinkStock
    Pixland, ThinkStock

    Nailed It

    Cynthia Colston had just been to the nail salon and discovered there had been a crime. Well in her mind there was a crime. She believed that her nail technician had trimmed her fingernails too short. She felt that 911 should send an officer to correct this crime. Oh, she called not once but four different times. She was arrested and charge for misuse of the 911 system. Her nails stayed short.

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    Beer Today Gone Tomorrow

    Theft of any kind is a serious issue. Unless you're a child and the "theft" is a disciplinary action by your parents. In this case, the parents in question had taken beer away from their child. This Florida man swears it was unwarranted and I do mean "man". He was 32 years old and living with his mom at the time.

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