Those darn Hollywood types are always trying to keep us commoners off the trail of their productions and their stars. We had heard that Hugh Jackman had been in the state over the past few months. We had heard that he was here to film another movie in the Wolverine, X-Men series.

What we had heard was correct.

What those sneaky filmmakers did to keep us off the trail was give the current number one movie in the land, Logan, a different working title. Those who were familiar with the scenes where the movie was shot may have thought that they were watching the scenes for a movie called Juarez. 

Actually, it's not uncommon for movies to have different titles while in production. Sometimes it's done because the filmmakers haven't officially decided on a title. Other times the logic is used to keep spectators and non-essential personnel from stalking the stars.

In a story published on and in the Times-Picayune reporter Mike Scott has pictures of all of the locations that might be familiar to Louisiana residents. Many of the locations were from around the New Orleans area including the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, a rather "quaint" little motel called the Aloha Motel and a local watering hole, Gennaro's Bar in Metairie, Charity Hospital, Harrah's Casino and a few others.

There were also scenes shot in Amite, Hammond, and Ferriday. Regardless this may be one of the larger grossing movies ever filmed in our state. Which is good news for the Louisiana film industry which has taken it on the chin with a drastic reduction in film tax credits because of the state's current fiscal crisis.

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