The following post contains SPOILERS — both real and fake ones — for Logan.

The internet’s movie rumor patrol did get a few things right about Logan, Hugh Jackman’s third and supposedly final solo Wolverine movie. They correctly predicted that Logan’ female clone, X-23, would co-star in the film. Deadpool didn’t have a scene in the movie, as was reported, but he does have a little tease before it. They also anticipated that the movie would be loosely based on a Marvel Comics storyline called “Old Man Logan.” Of course, after that rumor was initially posted, it was also publicly debunked. You win some, you lose some.

Or more than some. As is often the case for big superhero movies like Doctor StrangeSuicide Squad, and X-Men: Apocalypse (which one site predicted would kill off Wolverine, which, uh, did not happen), there’s been a ton of speculation about Logan, a lot of it grossly inaccurate. One or two of these could have been true at some point during pre-production, but many of these were obviously not happening at the time they were published. Let’s correct the record, at least until the next big blockbuster. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 comes out in May! Be here or be accurate!)

25 Logan Rumors That Turned Out to Be False

1. “Sources close to the project have revealed that the title of the film will be Weapon X.” — Game Zone

2. “Next #Wolverine is titled WOLVERINE: WEAPON X or simply WEAPON X for short.” — @XMenFilms

3. “It is believed that Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Rogue (Anna Paquin), Mystique (Rebecca Romjin), Storm (Halle Berry), Magneto (Ian McKellen), and Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) will be joining Jackman for his final performance as the wolf-man.” — The Christian Post

4. “Logan will also meet new faces in the film such as the Russian mutant Omega Red.” —

5. “Rogue and Cyclops are hinted to join the film due to the unique relationship they have with Logan.” —

6. “Final Wonder Woman trailer might arrive with Logan.” — We Got This Covered

7. “We’re going to see Wolverine facing off against [an] ... original villain played by Boyd Holbrook.” — Nerdist

8. “Liev Schreiber has suggested that he will be returning as Victor Creed/Sabretooth in Wolverine 3.” — Cinema Blend (article links to video where Schreiber says he is not in the film)

9. “Some version of the Bangers will appear. In the comics, they're a team of supervillains who used to go by the Nth Commandment.” —  Moviepilot (James Mangold tweeted a picture of the Logan script that mentioned a fight with “Bangers,” meaning gang bangers.)

10. “A possible storyline the sequel may follow is ‘Daken’ ... Daken is Wolverine's son.” —

11. “Daken may turn out to be an ally to Wolverine and X-23 in their final battle with Donald Pierce.” — Moviepilot

12. “Sabretooth to team-up with Logan in the film.” —

13. “Logan is set in 2024.” — TheWrap

14. “[Logan] marries Mariko Yoshida (which would mean she will return along with Yukio). Although Daken has no ties with Mariko since he has a different mother, Mangold may weave their story together, removing the ties with the Winter Soldier (whose rights belong to Marvel).” —

15. “This latest Logan image introduces a mysterious new character - could it be the villainous Arcade?” — Comic Book Movie

16. “Could Hugh Jackman be teasing Wolverine's classic costume in Logan? ... One theory which has been doing the rounds is that we'll see a flashback of Wolverine wearing his comic book costume.” — Comic Book Movie

17. “We'll finally get to see Wolverine's berserker rage, which is when he puts his morals to one side and then really causes damage that he regrets later on.” — Cinema Blend

18. “Sorry guys, no Old Man Logan for last Wolverine film.” — @elmayimbe

19. “Several rumors are making rounds regarding Wolverine joining the MCU after the Logan film.” —

20. “Mister Sinister will be the villain in The Wolverine 3.” — Cinema Blend

21. “Mister Sinister's inclusion in Wolverine 3 could lead to Wolverine appearing in Deadpool 2, but not as you'd expect.” — Moviepilot

22. “It's likely that the part will be played by Richard E. Grant.” — Moviepilot

23. “Now we know that ... Richard E. Grant is tied to the movie to play a mad scientist ... perhaps Donald Pierce himself?” — Nerdist

24. “Logan has a post-credits scene.” — Collider

25. “New Mutants could be set far in the future, meaning the [Logan] post-credits scene could be a "5 years later..." epilogue, in which the young mutants have formed a team to protect themselves.” — Moviepilot

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