When you go see Logan on March 3, you might want to keep your butt firmly planted in the theater seat after the credits roll, bub. In what is hardly surprising news at all, there is post-credits scene attached to Wolverine’s latest (and last) outing, and though we don’t know what it is just yet, it probably won’t be long before someone lets the cat out of the bag. Until then, feel free to speculate away.

Collider has confirmed that there is indeed a post-credits scene attached to Logan, Hugh Jackman’s grand farewell to the X-Men franchise. Whether it’s in the middle or at the end of the credits remains unknown, but the site has confirmed what our former Editor-in-Chief Mike Sampson tweeted just last week:

It’s not uncommon for studios to withhold mid- and post-credits scenes from press / industry screenings, lest the big surprise get spoiled for fans. Those scenes are usually included in early promo and word-of-mouth screenings, though, and there will be several of those held over the next week, leading up to the film’s official release.

If you’re not worried about spoilers, I’m sure you’ll find out what that scene is soon enough. It was previously rumored that Ryan Reynolds filmed a Deadpool cameo for Logan, and though Reynolds and director James Mangold firmly denied that rumor, it’s still possible that there’s a teaser for Deadpool 2 attached to the end of Logan. Another possibility might be something promoting the new X-Men sequel, which is reportedly set to begin filming this year. What else could it be? Let us know in the comments.

Logan hits theaters on March 3.

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