Ashley Radcliffe Morgan is a loyal listener and more importantly is the wife of a local law enforcement officer. Clearly recent events have impacted LEO families across the country and it's not different for Morgan's family.

Ashley sent me a message on Facebook asking for us to share the fundraiser she's working on. Here's what she has to say:

I just wanted to share a fundraiser I'm doing personally , for the fallen officers in Dallas and in Baton Rouge. I don't who a has seen my post but, I thought I'd share it with you. I need 6 more orders in order for them to print the shirts, and the money to begin counting. You can do everything off the link provided. Once fundraiser ends, shirts will be sent out from the company to you and they send us the money and I will send each department their half of the money raised. You can chose from long sleeves,to hoodies, to short sleeve, youth sizes, women's fit and unisex shirts. I designed these shirts myself! My goal is to sale 60 shirts. And that would raise around $500... last August when we lost a LEO in a shooting in Shreveport in alone making thin blue line ribbons made $500 from those $2 ribbons! (That was a lot of ribbons!!) So praying my shirts go well... please have a look!!