This week, the LHSAA sent letters to Louisiana student-athlete parents informing them that it is their plan to have fall sports this season.

To be completely blunt, I think it's fair at this point to assume there's a better chance we do not see fall sports this season, but it's never wrong to feel optimistic.

I believe the possibility of fall sports is slim due to Louisiana's ever-rising COVID numbers, and our governor's reluctance to move our state past Phase Two. At this point, I just can't imagine a scenario where our state progresses enough to allow fall sports. However, like many of you, I'm hopeful that our numbers drop soon and allow us all to get back to some type of normalcy.

My heart truly breaks for the thousands of area student-athletes who are at the tail-end of what has to be the strangest summer ever, not even knowing if they'll have a chance to compete this upcoming fall. My heart especially hurts for our seniors.

This week, LHSAA gave us all a reason to at least be a little optimistic.

LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine has sent a letter to parents and student-athletes letting them know they have no intention of canceling fall sports, unless the pandemic dictates it’s not safe to play. Bonine says they are committed to conducting fall sports.

He also says it’s important to get school started and then figure out the athletics part, saying, “We got to get the education part back, let’s the kids thinking and back in school, and get back into that routine and then in a reasonable and safe manner, reinsert athletics into the format.”

He also reasserted the LHSAA's stance on the upcoming high school football season, saying that for football to take place this fall, our state would need to move beyond Phase Three.



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