Former Phillies Lenny Dykstra and Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams apparently have beef! The two recently threw down verbally at a Philly Sports Roast.

In a video posted to youtube you see Mitch Williams start things with a comment that Dykstra was only mad the Phillies lost the 92' World Series because he didn't get to win the MVP award. Things quickly devolved from there.

Dykstra who recently spent some time in prison for financial crimes even says at one point, "prison was like a f*@#in' fantasy camp (compared) to playing behind you."

At the end of the video it gets really personal. Mitch Williams says to Lenny, "at least I didn't steal my kids signing bonus!"

My favorite part of the video is watching the panel of people cringe behind them as things get bad. Watch and get dumber!