The Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners is a non-profit organization that serves as Louisiana's lead Nurse Practitioner organization, and their vision is to advance, support, educate and promote Nurse Practitioners (NP) in the State of Louisiana.

According to the LANP:

Currently, the nurse practitioner has to have a collaborative agreement with a physician in order to operate with an NP license. This limits the full scope of care an NP can give, for many different reasons. It also inhibits many residents of Louisiana, especially in rural areas, to obtain thorough and proper medical treatment. Therefore, the LANP Political Action Committee was established to raise funds, follow legislature closely, and eventually, eliminate the need for a Collaborative Practice Agreement.

Supporting, Advancing, and Promoting Nurse Practitioner Roles in this state requires countless hours with legislators, House Bills, and Senate and House meetings, which all require money. We currently have, 1/6 of the money needed to go forth with this mission. For 2016, our goal is to raise $300,000 through sponsorships and fundraising to fulfill our mission. In order to raise money, we have created a Crawfish Boil Fundraiser.

The Crawfish Boil Fundraiser will be held at Fully Stacked Restaurant (in Red River District under the Texas Street Bridge), Friday April 8, 2016 with the goal of at least 100+ attendees. We have 7 sponsors, including Creative Advertising, Geaux Healthy of Stonewall, St. Joseph Hospice, STAT Home Health, Northwestern State university College of Nursing, Advanced laser Clinics, and The Sleep Clinic.

We will have all you can eat crawfish for $25/person, raffle items, Discounted drink Specials, and a Live Band. Everyone is invited, Children too! All profits raised will go directly to the efforts of LANP – PAC to increase the quality of medical care given to the citizens of Louisiana by eliminating the CPA and restrictions placed on Louisiana NPs.