Former American League MVP Josh Hamilton was arrested today in Tarrant County, Texas, on the third-degree felony of suspicion of injury to a child.

He was bonded out at $35,000.

Per the Dallas-Morning News, Hamilton's arrest came after an accusation he hit one of his three daughters, threw a water bottle at her, pulled a chair from under her before throwing the chair at her and pulled her to the ground, all while shouting obscenities at her.

Hamilton then allegedly threw her over his shoulder, marched upstairs to her room, threw her on the bed, then pinned down her head and hit her legs.

According to the affidavit, after he stopped hitting the girl, he said: “I hope you go in front of the [expletive] Judge and tell him what a terrible dad I am so I don’t have to see you anymore.”

Family-court records show that Hamilton’s ex-wife sought a protective order earlier this month on behalf of the girl.

Josh Hamilton Arrested On Suspicion Of Injuring His Child

Hamilton, 38, was inducted into the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame earlier this year.

A #1 overall pick by the Tampa Bay Rays in 1999, Hamilton didn't debut in MLB until 2007, spending time addicted to drugs, stints in rehab, suspensions from MLB (including all of the 2004 season) and spent 3 years completely out of baseball.

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