I'm sure by now you're all aware that the Louisiana House Republicans signed a petition today to end all of our state's Covid restrictions.

This is big, big news, to say the very least. If this petition passes, and that's highly likely since Republicans hold a massive majority in the House, it will suspend the Governor's emergency declarations and remove our state's Covid-related restrictions. The Governer has stated if the petition passes, he will immediately take it to court. However, it's also highly likely that the petition will hold it's own in court as Louisiana's AG says the petition is 100% in good legal standing. You can read more on the petition itself HERE.

Naturally, the governor is not pleased this week. In fact, he unleased his opinions on the petition and all who signed it in a fit of passion. In speaking about our state's total number of Covid deaths, which is over 5,600, Edwards says, "That’s more people than live in my hometown! How many more does it require to get people’s attention and take this seriously.”

Speaking about the petition itself, Edwards says, “You can take away the declaration I guess, but you are not going to take away the emergency,” He continued by saying, “You only take away the tools necessary to deal with that emergency and try to manage it and minimize the people who get sick and the people who go to the hospital and the people who die.”

You can see his fiery press conference below.





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