Joe Burrow, the NFL star who grew up in far north Louisiana, also known as Ohio, has never been at a loss for words. Joe, from his playing days at LSU and now with the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL has always been "good copy" to quote those in the media.

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Burrow has a calm demeanor about him in press conferences. That doesn't really change on the field but I think we'd all agree his intensity level spikes up quite a bit.

It's this "cool in the face of chaos" that helped Joe claim a national college football championship during his time at LSU. It also helped him earn a trip to the Super Bowl with the Bengals last season. It also is a catalyst for some of the most wicked burns you'll ever hear in a press conference or on a football field.

NBH Vlogs via YouTube
NBH Vlogs via YouTube

Now, let's give credit to the Bengals Public Relations Department for finding and saving this Joe Burrow gem from back in 2021. The Bengals dropped this on their Twitter feed after finding out yesterday that the Cincinnati versus Pittsburgh game had been "flexed" out of Sunday Night Football in favor of the game pitting the Chiefs against the Chargers.

Well, that sure sounds like the Joe that we know and I believe him too. I also think the NFL had to make that flex move as well. Sunday Night Football has been a cesspool of bad football for the past several weeks. Actually, SNF seldom has a good game to watch. So, the chance to land a marquee game with two of the game's most attractive franchises sure sounds like a good move.

Fans of Burrow and the Bengals will still be able to watch the game, they just won't have to stay up as late. The Bengals vs Steelers matchup will now be played at 3:25 on November 20th instead of 7:15 on the same day. So, you've got a couple of weeks to readjust your cooking schedule if you want to see the former LSU star do what he does.

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