FOX's lead sports play-by-play announcer Joe Buck made headlines this week when he shared on a podcast he used to occasionally drink alcohol in the broadcast booth while calling sporting events.

After listening to Buck describe it, it doesn't sound like he and Troy Aikman were taking shots of tequila on the job, through plenty of headlines that ran this week would suggest as much.

He would sip a bear from "time to time", while he and Aikman would do the same with a cocktail, but haven't done it in awhile.

Buck took to social media to clarify the story, blaming click-bait culture on the misrepresentation of his comments.

Fans are having a field day with the headlines from earlier this week, with the go-to joke being along the lines of, "Well this doesn't surprise me. Of course he's drunk in the booth, did you hear him call (that game my favorite team played in and lost)?"

Buck has a good point about clickbait. When a quote is viewed and now heard, and the quote is then used as a headline for a story many people don't bother reading, the entire context and tone of what was said is lost.

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