Finally, the PGA is back on gaming consoles.

Last week, one of the games I have been most excited about finally released. PGA 2K21 has arrived and without Tiger Woods. This new generation of golf games tied to consoles features the highly talented Justin Thomas.

I've been looking for a golf game on XBOX for several years now. For the last couple of years, all we've had is a game called, "The Golf Club", which originally had no PGA licesnse whatsoever. In their final year, they did get a PGA license but not for players, instead, for a few select PGA courses to be featured in the game.

PGA 2K21 is actually a partnership featuring 2K and the folks behind The Golf Club. They've worked together to brig a mainstream golf game back, the first one since Rory Mcllroy's PGA Tour back in 2015.

I finally got my hands on this game and have logged quite a few hours. I will start by saying the actual game itself is beautiful. The scenery, the imagery, and the courses are simply perfect.

The gameplay itself is not bad, but if you're looking for something as easy as EA Sport's PGA Tour, this is not the game for you. This game is very similar to "The Golf Club" when it comes to hitting golf shots. The game does not do this for you, you have to make the perfect shot using a lot of factors, and you have to do it every time in order to shoot a low score. It's very difficult in that regard, but I believe that makes the game fun.

My true only complaint with this game is the lack of pro golfers. Granted, there are some big names appearing in this game. Golfers like Justin Thomas, Tony Finau, and Matt Kuchar to name a few. Its nice to have the handful of PGA Tour pro's, but I would like to see more in the future. I wouldn't mind going into the final day of a tournament tied with Phil Mickelson.

After a few days of playing, I will happily give this game a 9/10. Gameplay-wise, it's everything a golf game should be. It's beautiful and it's relatively difficult. The career mode definitely needs some work, but overall, this is a game I will gladly pick up any time I get that golf itch.


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