Breaking news, Joe Burrow was carted off during Bengals 11 on 11 practice. Burrow went down with an apparent calf injury according to Bengals beat reporter Kelsey Conway.

Coach Zac Taylor confirmed that Burrow did suffer a calf injury during the post practice press conference. Bengals fans should be concerned because Burrow has a history with calf injuries. This is the third straight season where Burrow has had calf issues.

Hopefully this injury for Burrow isn't a long one. Burrow was poised to have a MVP type season this upcoming year. If this injury is going to last for a significant amount of time, then those aspirations will be out of the window. And on top of that his playoff and Super Bowl aspirations will be out of the window if this becomes a serious injury. We will keep you update on Burrow's status going forward.

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