A Louisiana prisoner being held on Attempted Murder Charges is back in jail now after multiple days on the run.

The prisoner is 17-year-old Kimmy Dauntain, Jr from Orleans Parish. He ran from the custody of authorities late last week while being transported in Franklin, Louisiana. The reason for the transport of the suspect was reportedly to attend a family member's funeral.

Dauntain has been booked on multiple charges. Including Attempted First-Degree Murder, Attempted Second-Degree Murder (Accessory After the Fact), Simple Battery, and Illegal Possession of a Handgun by a Juvenile. Even with this list of extremely serious charges, Dauntain was somehow allowed to leave the facility he was being held in to attend this funeral. He was escorted by Juvenile Justice officers, which he was able to quickly escape from.

St Mary Parish Sheriff's Office
St Mary Parish Sheriff's Office

After Dauntain escaped, his immediate whereabouts were unknown. He remained on the run for 3 days, until authorities got a call from an unlikely source...his parents.

The 17-year-old's parents were actually the ones who alerted authorities to his location.

After his location was identified, Dauntain was taken back into custody, according to the St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office. They went ahead and made the post directly onto their social media stating that Dauntain was back in custody as of 11:11am on Sunday, February 4th. Additionally, inside the comments of the Sheriff's Department's social posts on Dauntain, you can see there was more confusion about the suspect. Multiple agencies had different descriptions of him, and they attempted to straighten it out in the comments. Which sheds some light onto how someone with such serious charges was able to get to leave incarceration to attend a funeral.

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