With the way that Shreveport always seems to end up on the 'bad' list, I thought it would be interested to see how we stack up when it comes up as a place to say your nuptials. WalletHub did the work and I think you'll be surprised by the result!

Shreveport actually ranks 33rd out of the 150 cities surveyed as a good place to get hitched. Part of the reason is the cost to plan a wedding here. We're the 6th most inexpensive city to say 'I do' in. 

While we don't rank as well when it comes to venues and activities and attractions, I beg to differ. We've got some great places to get married here like the Dixie Gin, Sainte Terre, 601 Spring and Hill Country Village to name a few. Plus, when you factor in the casinos and the built in events that surround them, I think Shreveport/Bossier has plenty to offer a new bride and groom and their guests.

Sure, we're not New Orleans, who ranked 18th or Baton Rouge, which was ranked 49th... but we don't want to be! Here's to saying, 'I do!' to Shreveport, Louisiana!

Source: WalletHub

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