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State Senator Greg Tarver explains his criticism of the of the investigation of LSU Med Chancellor Dr. GE Ghali, saying it is "a diversion" to steal attention from the sexual harassment and Title IX scandal at LSU in Baton Rouge.

Ghali is currently on administrative leave after four EEOC complaints were filed against the hospital amid criticism of his handling of sexual harassment and discrimination allegations.

But Tarver is adamant in his defense of Ghali, saying the charges against the Chancellor are related to the ongoing sexual harassment investigation in Baton Rouge and adds that Ghali was already cleared of Title IX violations.

"The evidence is very clear that they have not even touched the surface in baton Rouge," says the Senator, "Not only the football team, but other areas. They're trying to shift everything to Shreveport and (make) Shreveport the scapegoat. That's not right and not fai.

"We're talking about sexual harassment here and Dr. Ghali was already cleared."

Tarver told KEEL News that the investigation may really be about one thing, protecting LSU football. "They will do anything under the sun to protect the LSU football team. They will do any and everything to protect the football team because it's a moneymaker. It's individuals on the team they've let get away with a lot of things.

"This whole thing is all about...they want to take the blame from Baton Rouge to somewhere else and they can't take it to New Orleans because taking it to Baton Rouge."