For the most part, the attention of the sporting world was focused on football at last night's opening round of the 2022 NFL Draft. The young men you saw walking across the stage last night are about to really feel the glare of the public spotlight. While many of them were "famous" in college. It's nothing like the kind of fame and fortune that goes with becoming a first-round NFL Draft pick.

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However, with the Internet being the Internet you know the focus wasn't going to be all about the players. Let's just call it the story within the story and quite a few of those stories feature the drafted player's family or extended family.

For example, Aiden Hutchinson, who was selected by the Detroit Lions will no doubt have to answer a few questions about his mother. Let's just say the Internet noticed.

That's Melissa Hutchinson and based on the reaction we saw on social media sites like Twitter. The winner of the Draft wasn't even a football player.


I don't think we have seen that kind of reaction to a "mom" associated with a football team since this "mom" went viral during LSU's visit to the White House following their National Championship.

That was Gemi Bordelon providing online observers with ample reasons for substantial chinwag just a few years ago. Granted Gemi wasn't a player's mom but she still represented all the beautiful mothers who devote so much of their time and energy to helping their young men become better football players.

Another Fab Femme that is getting more than her 15 minutes of fame because of last night's NFL Draft is the girlfriend of Kyle Hamilton. Hamilton who played college ball at Notre Dame was selected by Baltimore with the 14th overall pick. But that's not why the  Internet is so enamoured with Reese Damm, Hamilton's girlfriend. 

The Internet is going crazy because of this incredible handshake.

Damm, Reese, that's two snaps in Z-formation girl. I have to admit, that made me smile. And what made me smile was the fact that these two have probably rehearsed this moment a thousand times together. It was a big night for Kyle and ultimately it has turned into quite a night for Reese as well.

As you might imagine the handshake and pictures like these have caused a bit of a spike in Reese's Instagram followers.

Look, are we really surprised that two very attractive ladies captured the "imagination" of a high testosterone-filled evening? I am not. And not being a "fanatic" about football I actually kind of like seeing the softer side of the sport.

Maybe if we fans remembered that the players on the field that we are yelling at are actually sons of amazing mothers or boyfriends of special ladies then we could be a little less vulgar in our comments.  I wonder what amazing non-football people we will meet in rounds two and three of the draft. Those take place tonight.

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