Everyone was talking about the "Area 51 Raid" meme online this week, and it caused an interesting separation in the internet community: those who were in on the joke, and those who seemed upset by it.

Whether or not you were interested or upset by the Area 51 joke, you're probably aware of the concept of UFOs.

Living near an Air Force Base usually leads to a high number of UFO sightings. Most of them can be explained away by civilians seeing military aircraft for the first time, or even in some cases, experimental aircraft.

However, there are some cases where the Air Force are the ones reporting UFOs. There's a history of that exact situation happening at Barksdale as far back as the 1940s. It's not just the Air Force, sometimes you have UFOs caught on weather cams too.

But since the explosion of YouTube, people have been able to share their UFO videos faster than ever. If you jump around YouTube to look for UFO sightings in the Shreveport area, you'll find your fill. But maybe <em>looking </em>for videos isn't what you're interested in, maybe you want to <em>shoot</em> some UFO video.

If you're looking to bring home some footage, here are some good spots to start in the Shreveport area:
The Bodcau Dam Road Area
This spot is mentioned by a few online because of the lack of city light effecting your ability to see the night sky.
The Cross Lake Spillway
Like Bodcau Dam Rd, staying away from the lights of the city helps here, but there have also been a few posts online that say you can get better views of the horizons here.

Leonard Road Area
The most difficult part of this area will be to find a comfortable spot that isn't in someone's yard. If you have a friend out here, you can easily get some good shots!

Harts Island Road
You might have to deal with the occasional train out here, but that's about it. You'll be able to find a couple little spots in the road where you can pull off and shoot from the bed of your truck, or hood of your car.
The Ellerbe Road Area
You've probably heard a lot about Ellerbe Road School, which has it's own merits in the paranormal world, but there's also some solid posts online people seeing objects in the sky over this area too.
The Ralph A. Worley Observatory 
This one is fun, because it's obviously the best spot on this list to see something, but it's also the least likely to be excited about UFO hunters. There's usually a pretty solid line-in-the-sand between astronomers and UFO researchers. I have met some people who cross into both parties, but they seem to be the exception. If you want to look into the night sky, for anything, this IS the place to do it.

Then again, maybe it's not somewhere outside of town. Maybe it's not the best observatory in the area, maybe it's not the haunted school area. Maybe just sitting downtown one day will get you the UFO video you crave...

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