My dog, Rudd, is not good with fireworks. Heck, he barks at the windshield wipers because they startle him. He is a sweet boy, but goodness he can be a scaredy cat. If your fur baby is anything like mine then you the following tips may help you.

Matt Cardy, Getty Images
  1. Be prepared. Have a plan on where he will be staying during the firework show. I plan on keeping Rudd in his pin just to be safe.
  2. The Sacramento Bee suggests keeping a TV on or a radio playing to mask the noise. I plan on just having someone with him during the fireworks to calm him down.
  3. Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer, says that sedation should be helpful with stressed out dogs. I am still unsure about that, but if it works for you then maybe its a good back up.

There is nothing wrong with having fun and enjoying the 4th of July with fireworks, but don't forget about your fur-baby.