Going into the final week of the NFL the New Orleans Saints still have a chance to make the playoffs. How? We're not really sure. But how about this...not only can the make the playoffs, its still possible that the Saints could host a playoff game.

Could you imagine this Saints team hosting a playoff game at the Superdome? Its possible because the Saints could still win the NFC South.

The structure of the NFL playoff gives home games to Division winners, which means the Saints path to a home playoff game runs straight through the NFC South title. If that happens, they would end up hosting a team with a better record than they have, but would be the home team.

According to Sports Illustrated, here are the ways the Saints could make the playoffs:

"It's pretty straightforward for the Saints. They have to take care of business first by beating the Falcons to have a shot at anything. In order to win the NFC South, they're going to need Carolina to upset Tampa. If that doesn't work, then they're going to have to hope the Cardinals and Bears both pull off upsets as well.

Essentially, the Saints can either get the division after the first round of games or have to wait and see what happens in the late timeframe. If New Orleans wins the division, they'll host a Wild Card matchup against the Cowboys or Eagles. If they get in as a Wild Card, they'll travel to Dallas, Philadelphia or Detroit."

While it is possible for the Saints to make the playoffs, with an outside chance to host a game, its still unlikely. Most betting odds put the Saints making the playoffs at "underdog" odds.

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