Is it possible for the Houston Texans to still make the NFL playoffs? Absolutely. The team has not been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, even though it will be a tough path into the playoffs.

The Texans are actually still in play for the AFC South championship too, which means they could even host a playoff game if this weekend goes right. That's an incredible turnaround from a team that won just 3 games last year and have a new Head Coach. But its that new coach, DeMeco Ryans, that gets a lot of the credit for this turnaround. Even if they fall short of the playoffs, this has been an incredible year for the organization.

So how can they make it? KHOU-TV has broken down all of the paths that the Texans can follow:

"Houston (9-7), Indianapolis, and Jacksonville all won Sunday to leave the three teams with identical records in the AFC South. That keeps the Texans in contention for both the division title and a playoff spot.

A victory at Indianapolis will guarantee the Texans, who won just three games last season, their first postseason berth since the 2019 season.

Jacksonville holds the tiebreaker over Houston so the Jags would clinch the AFC South Division title with a win. However, a Jags' loss would mean that the winner of the Texans-Colts would be the division champ.

The division champion would host a first-round game.

If the Texans win, they could get a playoff seed as high as No. 6 if the Buffalo Bills were to lose to Miami."

Again, even if they lose to the Colts and miss the playoffs, this is a year the Texans will build off. This club will be a force in that division next year.

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