Let's face it, it's awfully hard to sit through TV commercials. Maybe that's why this gem has been surprisingly missing from my life for six years.

I need to discover a time traveling device ASAP, because I need to know what I was doing six years ago. I like to think of myself as an in-the-know kind of person, so I need to figure out how in the world this legendary TV commercial slipped past me all these years.

Today, as I do most days, I scrolled across YouTube bouncing in and out of rabbit holes. Randomly, a Volvo commercial from six years ago popped up on my screen. Normally, I wouldn't click on car commercials on YouTube, but this one features action star Jean-Claude Van Damme, so I felt like I needed to see.

What followed was slightly over a minute of pure joy and amazement. The ad famously features Van Damme performing an "epic split" in between to Volvo 18-wheelers moving in reverse. I was shocked and in awe at what I just witnessed. Immediately, I re-watched in an attempt to break down the clip. First and foremost, was it real?

In the moments afterwards, I studied the clip and did a little research as well. As it turns out, it was very real, and rehearsed for months before shooting. On the day of the shoot, the crew and Jean Claude Van Damme nailed the final product in the very first take.

White Van Damme really did perform his epic split in between two moving 18-wheelers, he was protected by a safety wire in case something went wrong.

Luckily, it did not, and the world has this commercial to view for all eternity. I'm guessing most of the world was feeling this way six years ago, but better late than never!




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