Anytime a beer commercial begins with a robotic stink finger giving the old “show stopper” to a wall mounted cassette deck armed ready to pump out the Knight Rider theme song, you know you’re in for a treat.

Of course, up until a few days ago, we had never in our lives witnessed such a commercial. Nor had we ever gazed into the brewery of a mad man with enough war nerve to show us a wicked world full of transvestite hammer fiends, a fermenting Elvis impersonator and a bottle-capping weasel. However, now that we have, everyone is in hysterics over the genius behind this Australian television spot for a beer called Hahn Super Dry.

While all of us here in the office are eagerly awaiting a taste of Hahn Super Dry, our editor refuses to spring for a case of it until one of us can somehow come up with a souped-up monster DeLorean and a drum set that is even more awesome than the one in the video.

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