Today I stumbled across literally the craziest TV show I've ever seen.

This is coming from the guy who grew up watching Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV every night. This show, which has surprisingly been on the air for quite a while, is easily the craziest TV show I've ever watched.

Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you how I found it. This morning, a video popped up on my YouTube recommendations that caught my attention. It was something along the lines of, "Top Pod Fights" and the thumbnail just showed prisoners in a jail going at it. Naturally, I have to click.

For the next seven or so minutes, I must admit, I had absolutely no idea what I was watching. At first, I assumed it was a compilation video from security cameras that caught prison fights. Quickly I realized this was from an actual show. It was so raw and real, though, and featured real-life everyday people literally posing as inmates.

After that short and confusing video, I had to dive in and see what this show was and what it was all about. The show is called " 60 Days In" and it is honestly nothing short of pure insanity. In this show, A&E sends in 2-4 completely normal people into a jail for 60 days where they have to act like prisoners. Actually, "act" doesn't quite cover it. Let me rephrase... From the moment these willing participants step foot inside the jail, they are 100% prisoners and they absolutely have to behave as such. The correction officers have to treat them like any other prisoner. The prisoners have to believe they're actually prisoners. Of course the reason why is because these prisoners will literally kill them if they believe something is fishy. If you think I'm joking, watch this show. It's the most stressful show I've ever watched. In fact, out of the few full episodes I've watched, only a select few have actually made it the full 60 days.

Now you're probably thinking the same thing I am... What do they win at the end? That was my first thought. I mean, who in their right mind would willingly sign up to be a legit prisoner for 60 days straight? Obviously someone desperate to win a televised contest, right?


There is no contest at all. These people sign up and literally put their life on the line just so they can observe what life is like for a prisoner, and offer insight to the jail and its sheriff and/or warden on how they can better run it.

It's complete and absolute insanity, and I love it.




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