If you've ever spent any time around a real life hipster, than you know than there is nothing further from being a hipster than a red blooded Louisiana redneck!

Can you imagine a good old boy coming face to face to with a hipster, complete with man bun and male romper? I laugh just thinking about it! So, if anyone steps up to you and asks if you want to 'Netflix and chill,' now you'll know what their talking about... even though that seems like a lot of work when you just ask the object of your affection wants to grab a six pack and go parking!

Millennials and hipsters are also apt to use the response 'YAASSSS!' on social media and in conversation. That means they approve. Of course, if a redneck man sees a pair of daisy dukes go by that he likes, he'll cut right to the chase and say, 'DAMN!' I'll use it in a sentence as an example... 'Damn, that was one funny video Boss! Those hipsters/millennials sure do talk funny!'

Here's to having a laugh and a great day!



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