Earlier this month the first annual Redneck Olympics was in full swing. It was a big attraction featuring wife-carrying, bobbing for pig’s feet, lawn mower races, mud pit belly flops and toilet-seat horseshoes.

Now the real Olympics feels theatened! Lawyers for the US Olympic Committee contacted Redneck Olympic organizer Harold Brooks and told him to stop using the word “Olympic” to describe this wonderful event.

Way back in 1978, Congress passed a law giving the USOC exclusive rights to the word Olympic and all of its derivations.

Mark Jones, a spokesman for the US Olympic Committee, said, “We have no interest in being the big bad guy that comes in and ruins everyone’s fun, [but] it’s important for us to protect this intellectual property,”

In the past, the USOC has used the threat of a lawsuit to force what was previously known as the Gay Olympics, and a band formerly called “The Olympic Hopefuls,” to change their names.


Stephen Morton/Getty Images

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