Alabama head coach Nick Saban has been in the college football headlines a lot lately. Before we get into the latest headline involving a high schooler who loves LSU, here's a recap on why Saban has been trending on social media.

A few weeks ago, Saban ignited a Jerry Springer-like feud with Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher when he publicly stated the Aggies bought their entire recruiting class.

Fisher, who served as Saban's offensive coordinator from 2000 to 2004 when Nick was the head coach at LSU, responded with harsh criticism.

Fast forward to today, and coaches from around the league are at SEC meetings in Destin, Florida.

All coaches appear to be on their best behavior.

While every head coach has been asked about the feud, none has given much of an opinion, including Georgia head coach Kirby Smart.

Instead, the discussions have been more about NIL and future scheduling.

Perhaps the most comical headline out of SEC meetings this week was the bribery a high schooler reportedly made to Saban.

Trey Wallace of reports a young man snuck into the meetings, approached Saban, and offered him $5000 to leave Alabama and return to LSU.

“For the pain he’s given me for the past twelve years,” the high schooler said, explaining why he wanted to talk to Saban. “January 9th to 2022, he has given me so much pain. I go to the LSU-Alabama games, I sit there in the 4th quarter, LSU is up and I think this is the year and then I just see Saban just run away with it.”

OUTKICK - Saban Bribed by Young Intruder

When Wallace asked Saban about the interaction, his only response was to say the intruder snuck past security to bribe him to leave Alabama and coach LSU, adding, "he was a cute kid".

Per Wallace, the young LSU fan convinced a SID (Sports Information Director) that he was a member of the media.

Once hotel security learned he wasn't, he was banned from the premises.

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