Alabama Crimson Tide basketball player Darius Miles, 21, was arrested and charged with capital murder today, along with 20 year-old Michael Lynn Davis.

Miles and Davis are charged for allegedly shooting 23-year old Jamea Jonae Harris on a strip in Tuscaloosa early Sunday morning, according to

If convicted, Miles could face the death penalty.

Miles, who was ruled out for the season early Saturday morning due to an ankle injury, was on the bench with his teammates during Alabama's home win against LSU yesterday.

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According to Tuscaloosa Police Capt. Jack Kennedy, the shooting occurred following a "minor argument".

Miles and Davis reportedly shot from their vehicle into another vehicle holding Harris and an unidentified driver.

Following his arrest, Miles was released from the Tide's basketball team.

Alabama's athletic department released the following statement on the matter:

While being escorted by law enforcement outside Tuscaloosa county jail, Miles can be heard telling someone, "I swear ... I love you more than you imagine".

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