Lane Kiffin is the Head Football Coach at the University of Mississippi. He is a very smart football coach and a genuine smart-ass too. Kiffin knows the rules and he knows when and how to throw "shade". Which is something a head football coach shouldn't and can't do when it comes to game officials. But that doesn't mean a smart coach can't get someone else to do his dirty work for him.

(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)
(photo by Ryan Baniewicz)

This past Saturday Ole Miss lost an important college football game to the University of Alabama. The win by Alabama was good news for fans of LSU. The loss by the Rebels, that's Ole Miss, meant that the LSU Tigers by virtue of record and head-to-head competition against both Ole Miss and Alabama had locked up the division title in the Southeastern Conference's Western Division.

Coach Kiffin was less than pleased with the way game officials called or did not call the game. Now, if he, as coach of Ole Miss was to go on record criticizing game officials he could be fined or sanctioned or forced to do something worse, become head coach at Vanderbilt, just kidding although that would suck.

Still, Kiffin needed to let his voice be heard and the way he did it was ingenious.

Yeah, he called his team's quarterback's mom and got her to rip on the referees.

We all know that Alabama and Nick Saban have the SEC in their back pocket. You can go ahead and deny that statement if you are an Alabama apologist but the rest of the league and the country know the truth because they've seen it.

Okay, they did throw a flag on that one but how is it that a player can get ejected for targeting but not forcibly attempting to take the head off of another player? Should have been more of a serious foul if you ask me. By the way, I hate Ole Miss from the bottom of my maroon and white heart, just so you know.

Then there was this play.

If that happened to an Alabama quarterback Coach Saban and there was no call the referee would have to go into the witness protection program. Jeez, is that what you guys mean by "It Just Means More"?

Look, I am glad Ole Miss lost. However, I hate the fact that maybe if the officials had done their job the outcome could have been different. I hate it when the referees decide the outcome of a game. It happens far too often and it happens far too often in favor of Alabama.

Maybe that's why this play was so sweet in Baton Rouge.

I hate seeing Nick so sad after the game. Maybe he should have called Brian Kelly's mom and asked her to ask her son not to kick his ass in such a public forum.

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