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The automobile landscape is definitely shifting. Earlier this year, General Motors made that announcement that they will eliminate gas powered vehicles by the year 2040. Other car manufactures, like Ford, have made similar announcements as well, with Ford's European timeline set to make the company all electric in Europe by 2030.

With the car companies making shifts away from gas powered vehicles, it probably shouldn't be a shock that local municipalities are making changes as well. Changes that will directly impact gas powered vehicles in their areas. Which is where this story brings us...Petaluma City, California.

Last week the Petaluma City Council unanimously approved a measure to ban the construction of new gas stations in their city. Not only will this new measure stop the construction of new stations, but it extends the moratorium to the current gas stations adding new gas pumps.

Petaluma City is a densely packed California town, with more than 60,000 residents in a 15 square mile area. For reference, the population is equivalent to Bossier City's, but the size of Petaluma City is 30 square miles smaller. Petaluma City is already home to 16 gas stations, soon to be 17, which means you should be within 3 miles of a gas station at all times in Petaluma.

But its not just gas station overpopulation that has led to this decision from the California city. The town is actively working to become Carbon Neutral by 2030, making this a clear move in that direction.

The framework for the permanent ban was set two years ago when Petaluma put a two year pause on new constructions. At the conclusion of that, the City Council decided it was time to make the move permanent.

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