Over the last few years, the hottest woman in the comic book world has been Harley Quinn. She's gone from secondary villain character to cultural icon in record time. She has even had her likeness used in local Mardi Gras parades around Shreveport.

But because that transition has happened so fast, there have been a lot of chances to Harley, and a lot of things that have been lost. Hopefully this info, and video, and help you better understand what Harley has been through, and maybe set a better course for the character's future.

First, something not mentioned in the video above, is that Harley Quinn is one of the most successful comic book characters to not originate in a comic. She was created by Paul Dini for Batman The Animated Series. The creation was basically for one scene in one episode, but the character felt so right, it just built up. Dini took inspiration for the character from his friend Arleen Sorkin, who happened to be an actress. Sorkin starred in the soap opera Days of our Lives, and in one scene, appeared in a jester outfit...

If you're a fan of the animated series, you probably recognize that voice, because Sorkin was not just the basis for the character, but she provided the original voice in the cartoon. Even if you're not familiar with the voice, you probably can see similarities between the costume and what Harley has worn and her actions in the clip.

It's true that Harley has had her ups and downs over the last few years, but she remains one of the brightest stars in the comic world, even if her past is being blacked out.

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