Whether you realize it or not, Hacksaw Jim Duggan has a LONG history here in Shreveport. Back in the day, Duggan worked for 'Cowboy' Bill Watts and Mid-South Wrestling, who made regular stops in Shreveport.

In fact, as far as Mid South goes, a lot of historically significant moments happened with Duggan in the ring in Shreveport. For example, The Road Warriors had their first Mid-South Match in Shreveport against Duggan and Magnum T.A.. He won the Louisiana Heavyweight Title in Shreveport.

If you read Duggan's or Dr. Death Steve Williams' books, there are a LOT Shreveport stories in there from Hacksaw's time in Mid-South.

And Duggan is coming back to town this weekend for Geek'd Con at the Shreveport Convention Center! It's going to be awesome to have Hacksaw back in the city that made him a star.

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