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Spooky season has officially arrived in Bossier City. Stop after stop after stop is already set for Halloween.

If you find yourself in the mood to decorate for the Halloween season, heading to Bossier is a prime spot to get down with some vampires and ghosts. Not just because there are plenty of options around, but because you can get a lot done in a small area.

At this point we know that Target, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club all have their Halloween stuff out. Which is great news if you're looking for a new decoration, or costume, while you're doing some casual shopping. But Bossier City already has multiple Halloween superstores opened as well.

Now let me stop you, I am aware that Shreveport does too. There are Spirit Halloween stores open on the Shreveport side of the river. But let me get to my point in a second.

TSM Photo
TSM Photo

Bossier City has a Spirit Halloween and a Halloween City location open, both within three miles of each other. But its more about what's in-between the two that makes this noteworthy.

The Spirit Halloween in location in the old K-Mart Plaza on East Texas in Bossier City (next to Dirt Cheap). Then just 2.7 miles up Airline Drive is the Halloween City, near Belk. Between those two locations, you have Halloween stops like 2nd & Charles, Dollar Tree (don't sleep on their Halloween selection), Lowe's (outdoor Halloween decorations), Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Five Below, Home Depot (outdoor Halloween decorations), Target, Kirkland's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Michaels, and Sam's Club.

For real, you can spend a whole day, hitting 13 different spots with Halloween selections in a 3 mile stretch. That is why we're pointing out, if you want to knock out some Halloween shopping soon, try Bossier City.

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