There's a new workout program in the local area that promotes health and wellness along with a strong sense of community. It's called REFIT®. It was founded by three women in Waco, TX, and is taking the fitness world by storm!

Lisa Arendell, a certified REFIT® instructor, has seen this revolution of fitness, friendship and community explode over the past year. Here's how she explains the movement that is sweeping our area.

REFIT® focuses on the whole person. We believe in YOU. We believe you bring your best to each workout and that's enough. REFIT® doesn't guarantee results. We guarantee relationships, which leads to results. We're on this journey with you.

Utilizing positive music and fun to follow dance, toning, and balance moves, we focus on building community. You'll feel on your first time to class that there wasn't a stranger in the room! REFIT® is fitness for all. We welcome experts. We embrace beginners. This isn't fitness for the fittest. It's fitness for the willing.

Where you can find a local REFIT® class:

Asbury UMC in Bossier on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday at 5:30pm - Instructor Lisa Arendell

Benton Elementary on Wednesdays at 4:00p - Instructor Suzanne Stinson

Cypress Baptist Church in Benton at 7:15pm on Tuesdays and Thursday nights - Instructors Wendy McMillan and Mandy Bruyninckx

First United Methodist Church on Old Minden Rd. in Bossier at 7:00pm on Monday & Fridays - Instructor Becky Dehner, Tuesday & Thursday at 6:15p - Instructor Christina Wynn

Norris Ferry Community Church in Shreveport at 7pm on Monday nights and 5:30a on Friday mornings - Instructors Kristen Thomas and Courtney Montgomery

St. Paul Episcopal Church in Shreveport on Tuesdays at 9:30am - Instructors Kristen Thomas and Courtney Montgomery

For more information about REFIT®, visit their WEBSITE.

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