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Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is coming back for another big year in Downtown Shreveport. The show started in 2015, and has grown into one of the premiere events in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Not only that, the show has been the largest consistently active comic con style show in the entire state of Louisiana.

This year's event is August 19th-21st at the Shreveport Convention Center. The celebrity guest lineup includes Matthew LillardSkeet UlrichNatasha HenstridgeClint HowardDog The Bounty Hunter, and many more.

There will also be a ton of comic book creators added to the lineup for 2022. Including the creator of X-Men member Rogue Michael Golden, Marvel's Zombie King Arthur Suydam, and Geek'd Con fan favorite Roland Paris, among others.

Geek'd Con is a mash-up of celebrity meet and greets, geeky shopping, cosplay, games, prizes, and fun.

Every year, one of the biggest parts of Geek'd Con is the access to the celebrity guests who attend the show. That includes the ability to get autographs in person, but also your chance to get pictures with those celebrities. Most celebrities are all about taking selfies at their booths, but they also give you the chance to have a professional photo taken too!

You can buy your Pro Photo Ops ahead of time, or try to secure them on-site. Here is the link to buy them online in advance.

Once you've purchased your Pro Photo Op, you will need to be at the Froggy's Photos booth at the times listed here:

Geek’d Con Professional Photo Op Schedule

12:00Cynthia Cranz$40
12:10Linda Young$40
12:20Jeremy Inman$40
12:30Jay Goede$40
12:40Lenore Zann$60
12:50Veronica Taylor$60
1:00Clint Howard$60
1:30Skeet Ulrich$70
1:40Scream Duo$140
1:50Matthew Lillard$80
2:00Scream Trio$180
2:10Jamie Kennedy$60
3:00John Kassir$60
3:15Cooper Andrews$60
3:30Maximiliano Hernández$60
3:45Natasha Henstridge$60
4:00Sherilyn Fenn$60
4:15Dog Chapman$50
4:30Jeff Daniel Phillips$60
4:45Sam J. Jones$60
5:00DanhausenDarby Allin$40$45
5:10Wrestling Group (Danhausen/Darby Allin/Dustin Rhodes)
5:15Dustin Rhodes$45


11:30Wrestling Group (Danhausen/Darby Allin/Dustin Rhodes) (Singles/Triples)
11:45 Dustin Rhodes
12:00Veronica Taylor
12:15Clint Howard
12:30Scream Duo (Skeet Ulrich/Matthew Lillard) Singles/Dbls
12:45Scream Trio (Skeet Ulrich/Matthew Lillard/Jamie Kennedy)
12:55Jamie Kennedy
1:15John Kassir
1:30Cooper Andrews
1:40Maximiliano Hernández
1:50Natasha Henstridge
2:00Sherilyn Fenn
2:15Dog Chapman
2:30Jeff Daniel Phillips
2:45Sam J. Jones
3:00Voice Actors (Cynthia Cranz/Linda Young/Jeremy Inman) Singles
3:15Voice Actors (Jay Goede/Jeremy Inman/Lenore Zann) Singles
Please be in line for the photo op 10 minutes prior to the published photo op time. Photo ops begin at the specified time and end as soon as there is no one in line. Refunds will not be given for missed photo ops.

Flashback Pics of Geek'd Con 2017

Geek'd Con 2022 Autograph Pricing

Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, is coming back to downtown Shreveport this August. You can get ticket info here.

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