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The 2022 edition of Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, brought thousands of fans to Downtown Shreveport. They came from all over the region, the state, and the country. With tickets being purchased by attendees in Mississippi, Michigan, Illinois, and all over the US. Fans were flying in, driving for hours, and all converging on the Shreveport Convention Center.

The event was three days full of celebrity guest encounters, shopping, stories, autographs, and of course...cosplay.

There were so many amazing cosplay works all over the event. From simple pre-built cosplays that people were having fun with, to hand-crafted cosplay outfits that turned heads. People were able to have fun no matter how much time and effort they wanted to put in.

All the cosplay fun culminated on Sunday with the $2,500 Cosplay Contest sponsored by the US Marines. There were hundreds of entries, and dozens of competitors who made it across the stage. When the dust settled, there was $2,500 awarded to the winners, plus some other great prizes. Including prizes from the Insymmetry Creations team, where Matt and Steph gave EVERYONE who participated an autographed card at the Scout Comics booth after the contest!

Of course with headling celebrity guests like Matthew Lillard and Skeet Ulrich, there were plenty of Scream cosplays out there. But the audience was actually pretty diverse with their work. Marvel characters, anime representation, and even some custom created characters represented! Check out some of the best cosplay we saw in Downtown Shreveport this weekend at Geek'd Con right here:

Cosplay Pictures From Geek'd Con 2022

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