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Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, has come and gone for 2022. It was full of fun stories, magical moments, and even some interactions that our celebrity guests wanted pictures of. Including when Matthew Lillard met a young man that seemed very familiar to him.

Matthew Lillard, the star of movies like Scream, Scooby Doo, and 13 Ghosts, was the headlining celebrity guest for this year's Geek'd Con. With thousands of people lining up to get his autograph and take pictures of him. But there were few people that Matthew Lillard was ready to take a picture of. One of the people that Matthew Lillard wanted to take his own picture of was a young man from Bossier City.

Bradley Bacon knows he has a resemblance to Matthew Lillard, so does his family and friends. Now Lillard himself, along with his person friends (and co-stars) Skeet Ulrich and Jamie Kennedy know too.

Photo Courtesy of Bradley Bacon
Photo Courtesy of Bradley Bacon

Bradley showed up and Geek'd Con with his mom Jennifer, and when Lillard saw him, he had to grab his own picture. The resemblance is pretty crazy. For reference, here's a picture of Lillard from the Summer Catch premiere in 2001...

Summer Catch Premiere
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images.

See...Bradley is basically Lillard's doppelganger. He looks like he could be Lillard's little brother. I mean, Lillard himself saw the resemblance so much, he did have to grab his own camera and take a picture for himself.

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Photos from Geek'd Con 2022 at the Shreveport Convention Center in Shreveport, Louisiana


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