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When an opportunity has presented itself to Chad Johnson rarely does he pass it up, especially if it involves football.

Tuesday he made the announcement via Twitter that he'll be trying out for the XFL but not as a skill position player.

Ochocinco is now 42 years young but he's actually shown the ability with no one around him to convert some long field goals on the practice field via Instagram.

If you want to create hype around the XFL the NEED to sign Chad Johnson. This will give them a big name that everyone remembers tearing it up as a WR in the NFL not too long ago.

He last played in  Super Bowl XLVI in 2012 as a member of the New England Patriots as they lost to the New York Giants and Eli Manning for the second time.

In addition, he's hoping this opportunity may one day lead him back to the NFL as he was quoted as saying on Twitter, "Pretty far fetched but imagine me being consistent during an XFL season & getting a chance at a 53 man roster in the NFL, even i don't make it just being able to compete for a spot at a entirely different position will be so riveting."

Riveting it would be Chad, riveting it would be.


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