Watching his Summer League highlights, you can almost see a totally different player than what Antonio Blakeney was going on the court in Baton Rouge. Was that because of a difference in coaching style? Maybe the players on the court? Or maybe the atmosphere? Whatever you want to pin it on, Blakensey has been balling out in the Summer League.

So much so, that the Chicago Bulls are willing to try out a brand new contract type on the former LSU scoring leader. Here's more from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"Following explosive performances in the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas, former LSU Tiger Antonio Blakeney signed a two-way contract with the Bulls on Friday. Blakeney averaged 16.8 points per game in four summer league appearances for the Bulls."

So what does a "two-way contract" mean? It's a new contract that NBA teams are allowed to sign young players to that gives them the ability to switch the player between their NBA Roster and their G-League "Farm team". These contracts are going to become much more valuable to teams soon, which is why there's a new emphasis on NBA franchises to create new, successful G-League teams, like they want to do in Shreveport.  

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